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Building Set C

Building Set C
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Building Set C with 2 buildings (colours vary).

1 building has 2 detailed floors, and 1 has 5 detailed floors. 
Clear acrylic columns are included to allow internal lighting (to be sold later)

The 5 storey building has 10 etched steel components to create an external staircase.

Building heights are 17mm for the 2-storey and 40mm for the 5-storey building.

David Munroe

How do they do this?

I bought this set mainly for the smaller 2-storey building, thinking it would make great basis for small shops. It can do so, but does entail quite a lot of work. They do look good though. The 5-storey one, phew! What a battle to fit the escape stairs, even after doing 5, it was still a struggle. However, when finished, it is worth the work. One thing I do with EVERY building is to get rid of the glossy finish. Look around you, can you see a glossy house? Toys or models, what do you want?

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