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Building Set B

Building Set B
Currently out of Stock
Building Set B with 3 buildings included
(2 X) Office Buildings (1 with 5 floors and 1 with 4)
(1 X) 2 Storey House
Clear acrylic rods are included to allow illumination (not included).

Building heights range from 18mm - 40mm

David Munroe

Review of the set.

The two tower blocks make useable offices, but should be painted matt to be more realistic. Sticking some little people in them makes a BIG difference when playing "Peeping Tom"!!
The house is a really great little model. I have roughened up the roof, knife and scorer, to represent straw roof, and then painted to be Tudor style. They have come out looking pretty cool, especially when chimneys are fitted. As they are also modern in style, they can cover a great slice of history. But, if you are mad enough, give the Tudor houses a crack, they do look good.

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