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Truck Tension Springs

Truck Tension Springs
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(4x) Truck tension springs for second generation chassis (Hankyu 9000, HST, ICE, KIHA 40, 016 & 015 Powered Chassis etc.).

When replacing these springs we recommend using the sharpest of tweezers holding the spring by the top loop and locating it on to the chassis. Then by retaining the top loop using your finger/nail, use the tweezers again to gently stretch the bottom loop down and on to the truck hook. Take care at this stage not to let the truck fall otherwise the first spring may come adrift, and turn the chassis around to repeat the process for the other side. Make sure that the main spiral of the spring sits within the profile of the chassis and won't foul the loco body when this is replaced.

Bryan Benning


These springs are so small and difficult to work with.
Despite the advice given on here I found the best way to attach them was thread one end of the spring onto a needle then attach the other end of the spring to the top hook. Carefully holding this in place you then place the needle tip at the base of the bogie hook and allow the spring to slide down the needle onto the hook.

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