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Building Set A

Building Set A
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Building Set A with 3 buildings (colours vary) and garden grass sheet.

2 buildings have 3 detailed floors, and 1 has 2 detailed floors. 3 clear acrylic columns are included to allow internal lighting (not included).

Building heights from 18mm - 25mm

Danny Batdorf

Very nice buildings

I have one set and will probably order another. Good detail. The color is a bit bright but this is easily fixed.

David Munroe

Review of the set A

I found with this set that the two storey house is the most useful. With its large areas of windows it is classic to be painted up as 1930/40 suburia housing, but also with a flat roof, they make great Art-Deco houses. Painted in brick colours they are also suitable for the modern period.
The two 3-storey houses I have used as "development" housing estate type buildings, based around roads and closes/cul-de-sacs. Placed closer together, they can re-present the dormitory belt style, or "social" housing.
Paint them all matt though.

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