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Stewart Green

What superb little boats! There must be an element of hand painting from the manufacturers, but it is executed with precision. The motorboat even has the option of making it with or without the keel for variety. Incredible detail!

David Munroe
David Munroe

After buying this set I now HAVE to re-design my planned layout to include a canal and marina, or maybe a river leading to a coastal port!!! Pain from thinking, oh yes!! I cannot believe, no matter how many times I look at my purchases, how much detail is shown on these teenie, tiny little models. Another 3 of these sets, to give me 4 sailing boats, and I can have a racing scene. Yes, I need a marina or a lake. It is just one decision after another. I blame "Railway Modeller", they were the ones who first reviewed T-Gauge. Still I found a buyer for all my N-Gauge, so not all bad.
A great little set.

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