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250mA 5V Decoder
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Product Description
250mA 5V locomotive decoder with 4 amplified functions and 1 logic output. Dimensions 6 x 5 x 1.8 mm LxWxH. 

Currently does NOT operate from the standard TGauge controllers. However, The DCX65 is fully NMRA compatible and can therefore be used with all systems that use the NMRA-DCC data format eg Digitrax, Lenz, LGB, Uhlenbrock, Zimo, Roco 'digital is cool', MERG etc. 

The locomotive decoder DCX65 is suitable for all 3-8V DC and AC motors in T to N locomotives. The maximum total load must not exceed 250mA.

The DCX65 offers high-frequency 16kHz or 32kHz motor control for Faulhaber engines. Alternatively, infinitely adjustable 30-150 Hz are available for traditional motors.

The DCX65 also offers either 14, 28 or 128 speed steps, load balancing, full address space from 1 to 10240 and the ability to program on the main track 'on-the-fly'.

Fully NMRA compatible (DCC data format)
DCC data format
Full "function mapping" according to NMRA arrangement
Function outputs separately dimmable
Dimming frequency 1.2 kHz
Automatic decoupling, timing for digital clutch,
American lighting effects such as flashing, dimming, blinking in push-pull, single pulse strobe, double strobe, flashing headlight, left ditch light, right ditch light Rotary beacon, Gyralite, Mars Light, soft-start (slow flicker of functions)
Full address space 1-10240
Manoeuvring function showcases mode, one button shunting, decreased backward speed ......
Evaluation of chain impulses via F1 or F4
Free speed characteristic CV67-CV94
Optimized load balancing (P and I controllers)
High frequency motor control 16kHz or 32kHz
Low frequency motor control from 30 to 150 Hz selectable
5th generation decoder, dynamic load control
250 mA motor current
Digital or analogue operation
Programming 'on the fly'
Hard reset to reset the CV values to factory settings
User CV's for storing personal data
Brakes with asymmetrical signal (diode ratio 1: 4)
Fully programmable with Lokmäuse (also values and CVs up to 255)
Reliable motor overload protection, additional outputs are not protected against over current
2 CVs groups freely selectable (for own or foreign applications)

Technical specifications;

All outputs of the receiver are powered by an internal bridge rectifier, which allows a maximum total current of 250mA. Motor and function outputs must therefore not exceed the total current of the permissible rectifier total current.

Rail voltage 7-21 v
Maximum motor current - peak (3s) 400mA
Maximum motor current - duration 250mA
Maximum current of the function outputs 250mA
Maximum total current of the decoder - duration 250mA
Digital Default Address is 3.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6 x 5 x 1.8 mm
Operating temperature- 20 to + 80 C
The DCX65 is only 6x5x1.8 mm in size and can therefore be installed in many Z, T and N locomotives without the need for elaborate milling work. The connecting wires are highly flexible colour-coded stranded cables.

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