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BR Inter-City 125

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BR Inter-City 125
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The set - in Original BR livery comes as;
(2x) Power Cars - Both motorised on 16 Metre (35.5mm) Shicoh driven chassis featuring bi-directional lighting.
(2x) Mk3 First Class Carriages.

Martin Cowin

Blown away.

Totally blown away by this set.
Runs beautifully straight out of the box.
I've had Atlas HO scale locos that took weeks to run this well.
Detail is impressive at this scale, lights are very good.

Fernando Belenda Lama


This was my first train and its amazing, the detail level its impressive for such a small scale and its very precise in terms of speed controll.

Henry Hearle

Amazing detail!

This is what started my t gauge adventure... and what stopped oo for me. I was hooked- outstanding detail and quality makes it an essential part of my three exhibition layouts!

Diane Tape

Great little train

I have had this little train for a couple of weeks now and would recommend it to anyone starting out in this scale,it runs smoothly,and can be run at scale speeds including very near scale walking pace.
I have or do model in every scale from O to Z and this little train has been a pleasant surprise from the moment I opened the box, manufacturers in other scales and gauges need to look closely at this train and raise their game in regards to detail,quality and most importantly value for money.

florian Picard sté MICROSCOOP

Thanks for this train!

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